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Shown us one side of the character of this team in last two ODIs.....can we turn it around tomorrow?? That will show us another side of the character of this team.

If we fail to win this series....and take it lying just like today, it will also show what we actually are....So just winning the series due to opponents throwing it away, would have given us a false impression of the team's improvement.

Can these guys turn it around from here?? They get a third chance to do it. When it matters, a real team will show their character....and snatch a victory or at least will fight till the last ball is bowled.

We don't need a Mullah's match saving 50 without any intent for winning, we want to see characters like Sammy, who will save the innings and then show intent when the repair work is done. That's the true character of a capable team...
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