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Originally Posted by Kabir
Sure, thanks for dumbing it down - I feel a lot smarter now. You've made your point clear. It's not money laundering - it's illegal transfer of money. Happy?

Hence it's illegal.

What most people in BD don't get is, using loopholes in our laws doesn't necessarily make something "legal". I hate it when the biz folks say "I didn't do anything illegal, I just used the loopholes in our legal system". What effing difference does that make?

Correction - you don't work at a bank. You work in the insurance side of a financial institution. Hence your source is bhua.
You cannot reason with an unreasonable person.
You are wrong about both money laundering and illegal transfer of money or whatever term you use. There is no physical transfer of funds out of bangladesh by the process I suggested. But I give up because I cannot reason with a person who is not reasonable.

Yes I work for the insurance segment of the bank. However as an employee of a FI every employee regardless of which silo they report under has to take Anti Moneylaundering courses annually and pass a simple exam on it. Hence I can safely say that my understanding of AML is much better than yours. My job requires me to know about it.

But I have no need or urge to try and reason with you any more about whats legal transfer of money or money laundering given that you are such a smart a** who knows everything.
I will recommend my boss's to hire your service to educate us more on Money Laundering and illegal transfer of money.
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