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Originally Posted by Zunaid
Is there even an argument to support piracy? Granted there is much that stinks in how movie copyrights are designed and what it allows you to do, I can't see you come up with a cogent (and justifiable) argument to support piracy. No, its free does not cut it.
Yeah if I go there, I'll have to deal with the whole piracy issue, not just movies, and open up a new can of worms. But I was thinking along the lines with the music industry, and how MP3 totally changed everything. Back in the day people would get tracked down for downloading free music, but now it's just too much to handle. They had to evolve with the technologies.

And I was trying to argue it because it's free. I just think it'd be impossible to stop it from happening. They will come up with new ways pirate stuff. So I was trying to figure out a way to work with it, instead of fighting it.

IDK I'm sticking with "For" for now.
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