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Well, you have to argue for what truly constitutes "originality" and "copyright infringement". Is there truly sth. completely new under the sun:primary or secondary? I don't have any details but once a guy refused to put works citation saying he had photographic memory and he could rattle any info. out so the need for bibliography was moot.

Doc is getting too weak here (emotionally) to get personal with issues at hand. First rule of lawyering: Don't become personal with case.

One can argue anything one wants if one only will. hehe...

And also if for music, WHO gets the credit? There are producers, songwriters, percussionists etcetera and by the time it reaches your cochlea it has gone through several transformation under lot of people.

Also, don't forget to cite me when you use my idea quoting me you jackax.

Edit: We just talked in Anthro how two South American countries are fighting for their right to be the first one to produce potatoes. It kinda ties with one of the threads we had abt jamdani sarees a while ago. OH that makes me think...HIRE NAVO to make your argument. :P
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