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Originally Posted by Rommel
Maybe this doesn't need it's own thread but oh well, I'll make one anyways.

Coming from an American sports background where it sometimes seems as if the players care more about the money than the actual game, watching Bangladesh cricket is truly an amazing thing. The passion the team and the fans show is something that is not easily found in other places. Yes, Bangladesh Cricket will still frustrate us and break our hearts from time to time, but I don't think there is an International Cricket team out there that loves Cricket as much as Bangladesh.

This team is very dangerous and will no doubt continue to win future series' and move up in the rankings, but just how passionate they are is enough for me to be proud of being a fan of Bangladesh. Victories will come and in the future, we will expect to win every series we play in, regardless of opposition. However, I hope every victory will still be celebrated as joyously as they are now. With the whole stupid mantra of "act like you've won before", the pure joy on the faces of the Bangladesh players and the crowd is a breath of fresh air. Joy Bangla!
I feel you. Thank you for this thread and your wonderful post. Allow me to share why I love Bangladesh cricket and I hope everyone in this forum would also share their story.

I love Bangladesh cricket because I'm proud to be Bangladeshi and as American as I am, never wanted to have any other enthnocultural identity. I love the language, the cultures, the rural beauty, the urban quirks, the heroic political history and the spiritual sensibility. I admire our resilient, strong and peaceful people who battle adversity day in and day out and make incredible sacrifices to provide for their families, and then manage to love and laugh at the end of the day. Not many things are more important to me than to know everything I love better. Nothing has ever inspired me more.

I also love international cricket. Loved the game since I was 7. I always fantasized about our country playing and winning at the highest level. I dreamed about guys who look, talk, eat and sing like us proudly raising our flag in victory and singing our anthem on the world stage.

The two came together when we got our test status and I couldn't be happier at the very possibility of my dreams coming true at some point. Over the years, despite all of the mitigating factors and stagnancy we know too well, I've seen our players get better by the generation and our country passionately unite around their exploits, and begin to better understand and appreciate the nuances, subtleties and lessons of this wonderful game.

Maybe they disappoint more often than they exceed our expectation. Maybe we set the bar either too low or too high. But they're always there to represent us against the world's best. They're always there to make us dream about being the best in the world someday.

We love them because they're ours. We love them because they're us. We love them because they make us dream of always doing better, and our dreams are inseparable as a people.
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