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To me all his good works are undone when he comes to bat. He is THE most useless piece of s***t in the BD camp when it comes to bat. His irresponsible batting makes my blood boil and wanna punch him till he cr**s his pants. More often than not he comes in when there's another set batsman or a better batsmen in the field. He plays shots literally with his eyes closed and gets out either LBW, bowled or spoons in the air. He does not value his wicket whatsoever. Funny thing is I have seen him bat quite responsibly a few occasions in the past in test matches I think but his ODI batting is absolutely horrendous.

If you notice, he comes in at very crucial time towards the end when the other batsman could propel our score. All he has to do is block and/or take a single and get the other batsman the strike. But no, his intention is to get out. I literally HATE him for that.
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