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Originally Posted by Crisis
Correction :

As the main hub of London's Sylethi community

Eigula na Bangla boltey parey, na Bangla likhtey parey, na Bangla portey parey, vabey jey Bangladeshey khali duita district asey - Dhaka ar Sylhet! , ar national anthem er ko o janey na.

Good luck to Luke and Tom, hope they raise a lot for War Child
There's no need for that. I am not a Sylheti myself but the Sylhetis everywhere on the planet are as patriotic as the rest of us. Don't don't digg into the regional stereotypes. I am sure wherever your root is there's a stereotype against your people too.

Regardless of whether they can't read or write if they love the country that you do then you should have enough respect for them.
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