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Originally Posted by bujhee kom
This guy gets his car rubbed off by sweats of a crowded nation/high density geo-zone and this Shalok then gets pissy about this when the public is celebrating as a nation, when we as a people have so little to celebrate about (on our daily life) and on the MOST SACRED month of Victory, this brother in-law goes nowhere but to PP to his ABBAS...people should be celebrating NON-STOP, the whole month, he is lucky, I would have stomped on his car, writing in PP about the people that have no place to go, he wishes his fathers would have killed more of us, so that today, on this boiling night, the shalok's car be a bit cleaner. Hashi chephey raikhtey partesi naa re babu!!

I just watched some clips of our PM Sheikh Hasina being at the stadium on the 5th ODI....I personally was thoroughly mesmerized by the presense of the PM on that couch at the stadium, I thought she was very honest in her expressions as the match progressed, she felt and reacted just like any of us fans here in BC, with high emotions, as we all do, with each drop catch - whether in our favour or against - thus accordingly. She is our Head of State, the mother that leads this nation, she being there as a genuine patron of Bangladesh national cricket team, to me it feels wonderful, and very very supportive. Cricket menas a lot to us, to our people, we do not have a lot to brag or feel good about (on a daily life), cricket is where we put all our chips. As a nation of cricket lovers, (if we are that), I would like to see our PM to at the stadium, rooting for the team, praying for the team, I would like to see that if today our Head of State was Begum Khaleda Zia, or Shaheed President Ziaur Rahman, or our Bongobondhu or if today Maulana Bhashani was alive and if he was our president. I am very proud of our PM supporting the team and taking an active interets in the game. As the leader of the people she also has a responsibilty to make this nation healthy and bring sport/health consciousness into her people.

Welcome back BK bhai
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