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Originally Posted by BANFAN

1. We got two poor decisions in our favor at the end of WI innings and one against us (Razzak) we got a ton of poor decisions against us
2. Mominul was lucky to be out there after relentless fishing at wide deliveries. if we took all our catches in the first game, this game would have been a dead rubber
3. Mushy was extremely lucky not to be caught a few times see point above
4. Entire batting line up was clueless against pace and bounce, even a 58 was possible if luck didn't favor us. Entire WI batting was clueless against spin and turn
5. If WI would have executed the run out on the other end in that Sunny Dumb Act event, Nasir would have been out since Sunny was standing in this own crease. umm no it wouldn't because a) Nasir completed his run and b) it was a dead ball situation
I know cricket is a game and luck is a factor, but when you win basing on so much of luck, there should be some humility in that win, not to forget how we won it. But we seem to completely overlook that and go over the top with celebration, that puts all those weaknesses under the debris and they only pop us in the next series, when luck doesn't favor and we suffer has happened over and over again with our team, after luck ridden victories.
We destroyed them in 2 games, and in the third game it was WI luck that the game was as close as it was. At worst you can say that Mushy and Mominul's luck was balanced by the quick and dumb wickets of Gazi and Razzak which balances things out.

You forget that in only 1 game did WI actually outplay us significantly. This should have been a 4-1 series margin, and WI are lucky it was as close as it was. Not BD.
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