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Sadly the celebrations at times do go overboard. I was in Dhaka during the Asia Cup and after we won against India or Sri Lanka (I don't remember clearly) there were huge celebrations on Satmasjid Road in Dhanmondi. We were at the Stage Music Cafe, watching the game there then watching the celebrations on the streets. There were trouble makers out who were throwing stones and breaking glasses and also harassing the women, who were traveling on Rickshaws, by touching them, pulling their saris and ornas and even puncturing the Rickshaw tires, those with women in them.

This is the scene on just one single street (I could probably only see 1/4 of a mile) in Dhaka, that too after winning one single game.

I love celebrating our few and far between wins (which is changing!), but in any scenario where even a single person is harassed or a non fan of cricket who's car is "rubbed" (and yes, it can be a pretty rough rubbing) and scratched, it's going too far and we are only going back in our evolution as a country.
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