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Originally Posted by BANFAN
We have won the series and we deserve to celebrate. But do you think that our celebration sometimes go over the top? I feel at times like that and I think that's harming our development to some extent. Because in the process we limit our expectations and players start feeling complacent. Here is a BD fan's reaction to our celebration, I don't agree with him in totality, but I agree to some of the points:

Do you really support such celebrations winning a series? More over we know how lucky we had been in the last match ... A few lucky moments/Events were..

1. We got two poor decisions in our favor at the end of WI innings and one against us (Razzak)
2. Mominul was lucky to be out there after relentless fishing at wide deliveries.
3. Mushy was extremely lucky not to be caught a few times
4. Entire batting line up was clueless against pace and bounce, even a 58 was possible if luck didn't favor us.
5. If WI would have executed the run out on the other end in that Sunny Dumb Act event, Nasir would have been out since Sunny was standing in this own crease.

I know cricket is a game and luck is a factor, but when you win basing on so much of luck, there should be some humility in that win, not to forget how we won it. But we seem to completely overlook that and go over the top with celebration, that puts all those weaknesses under the debris and they only pop us in the next series, when luck doesn't favor and we suffer has happened over and over again with our team, after luck ridden victories.

I can understand the celebration after winning the ICC trophy, because that ensured a giant leap forward for our cricket. The peak of the next celebration should be after we win the World Cup. Till then victories should be kept in perspective, for the team to realize their mistakes and improve upon those. However, you can't control people and dictate them how they should celebrate, but surely the government should stay away from cheap celebration to score political points and destroy the cricket by exaggerating the achievements through unnecessary rewards. While we can only request the fans to celebrate with some humility and not by insulting other country fans online...
BANFAN, In spite of your well-constructed OP I had to rate it down. Not all posts behind the veneer of well-constructed sentences are stellar. Two factors mainly:

  1. Dude, are you that desperate for approval of others that you had to go to PP and get some schmuck's comment who might have his own agenda against BD?
  2. And secondly? Luck? I think in 185 Sehwag and many other top scores people get lucky. Ash got lucky in Trentbridge with a lifer ball bouncing on bails. Of course there is luck in sports. But, imo, it shows a tasteless way to undermine our achievement. It seems that unles a win of 8billion runs are scored with each players earning MacArthur Genius grant for triple digit scores with win handed on platter and laurel wreath on pillow on podium, there would always be way to be nit-pick such tremendous wins. I know you are well within your rights to express concern from arm chair critique, but seriously if you abstractly boil down entire series win to a luck factor that just shows plain ignorance on your part.
Btw, nothing personal against you. I just feel a post by a PP blogger doesn't warrant a thread. And no the nationality is not important but it's just meaningless.

p.s. Conversely, the Maverick video really made my day.

p.p.s Google also revealed this. Just like Blah's TedTalk video showed people always see the negative in our country. There are negative factors everywhere and doesn't mean we should emulate them, but why should WE get our fair share of blame for slightest mistake?

Edit: Okay just visited that site (need to clean cache..argh) but I stopped taking the comment seriously after reading the l33tspeak handle.
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