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Originally Posted by WindieFan
LOL i find it funny that people are using this word "destoyed", the truth of the matter is OUR PLAYERS TOOK BANGLADESH LIGHTLY, they simply wasn't motivated after winning a world cup and sweeping the test series easily 2-0, what is an ODI series so close to the end of the season gonna mean to them? NOTHING,

So you went two nill up, helped by some foolish decisions by our coach i.e playing Simmons and Russell and leaving out Powell, Permaul and Roach, but when everything was on the line in the third and fourth game and we really put our foot down the story changed and you were second best by a long way in that fourth game,

I've already said well done to Bangladesh, but i agree the celebrations have been rather over the top, because quite frankly you haven't achieved anything you haven't done before, you beat NZ in an odi series worser than you beat us and where did it get you? not very far,

Our Odi side is still a work in progress, it's not settled like the Test and T20 sides, which probably explains why we've drawn with Australia but then go and lose to Bangladesh this year.

OMG somebody kill me i cant take this anymore
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