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Originally Posted by Fazal
Good or bad... luck or not.... ready or not ready.... Mominul played a critical role in 5th ODI (and also 2nd ODI) both with the ball and with the bat. He got really two critical wicket and helped us contain the score to a manageable target ... he played a critical role helping nasir achieving the target.

After bringing him to the team, and getting some result you just cannot drop him...we are stuck with him for few more series before he prove the decision right or wrong. We cannot just bring new players and drop them so casually, specially after they play some role winning historic win for the team.

The same is true for Abul. He have shown enough promise to keep him in the loop. He should be one of the FBs who should be retained and rotated in the team along with Shafiul and Rubel.
Sticking with mamu wholeheartedly!

Mominul, Enamul (Anamul), Shohag, Abul - these are very young promising players. Sticking with them even they fail in one series or two would be essentilas for their growth as well as Bangladesh cricket.

I am feeling good manu!!
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