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Originally Posted by WarWolf
Tamim is like one of those genius kids who are spoiled and don't like to obey the elders. These kinda kids have high potential and can achieve a lot of things in life if guided properly.

I know Tamim doesn't care about himself. But we the fans do. We do it because we love our kid and his potential for contribution to our cricket is very high.

Siddons could handle him very well. He made Tamim working hard in the nets. Tamim got the result. Same did Law and got the result. We need someone like them to handle Tamim well and bring the best out of him.
Tamim is going to work with Siddons very so0n as he is expected to play in Kiwi's FC Cricket in Siddons team:-)
hope Tamim will ask Siddons to fix up Tamim's recent poor foot movement issue.

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