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I also am not in favor of changing captain at the drop of a hat. But, I want a captain to learn from past mistakes. He has made the same mistake at least 3 times, and it did not look like he has learned from today's mistake. "Some days, the batsmen is in a groove and will hit anyone..." Use a good death bowler at death overs! Rubel has not been good in death overs since returning.

I am very disappointed. But, first, they need to take his gloves away. Maybe keeping and skipping together has been difficult.

Originally Posted by akabir77
If we want to change captain every time they made a wrong decision then we have to debu new players/captain every other series. I remember when flamming of new zealand was sacked from captaincy he said i just started enjoying and understanding captaincy and that is after he being a good captain for long time... and if you look at other great captain they have made blunders even after being captain for long time... Azher taking fielding in WC semis come to my mind. and mushi became a captain for a year now. he made a choice didn't work out, lets move on. don't be like indian fans and scrutinize every thing.. be like SL fans.
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