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Originally Posted by cricheart
Cricket khela shesh, ebar rajpother khela shuru. AL now need to take out these Jamat & Co. seriously.
Bazaare dekhlaam full copir daam 60 taka!! This is just suffering for poors. Plz no more hartals.
Jamaat are scum but you sound like one of those delusional AL loving "patriots". Where is our beloved Sheikh Hasina speaking out against this and actually punishing these scumbags when we have proof of their crimes? The police is helpless and corrupt in Bangladesh and that's because no police officer has the authority to act in big issues without Apa's approval. Go around the country and talk to people who have lost many of their loved ones due to the rich and powerful, and I dare you if you can find even 10 percent of the guilty have been punished. There is law in this country but that's only if you are not a millionaire or don't have connections with politicians.. and if you are close to Apa then you can consider the countrymen as your servant. Joy Al and BNP, taking turns to rape this country for over 20 years.
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