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@Zeeshu....I was practicing my English. To improve upon ....

Yes, that was a side issue, wanted more knowledgeable guys to shed some light, why does BD people go on a forum like PP to criticize BD, even if he has an issue with the way it's celebrated. I was concerned about it too.

If you have read the OP, infact fans celebration was the secondary issue, the main issue was politicizing the celebration and scoring political points, which I feel rather hampers development/progress, since the players feel complacent. The government involvement in celebrations through gifts, banquets etc should be kept for bigger occasions ... This isn't the first time we won a series against a team 1/2 rank above us. It wasn't Aus/Eng....neither a World Cup.

Even fans do over react in their are happy doesn't mean you have to go crazy in celebration for a series and disturb public life, Many people have bigger issues to address in life than celebrating a series win, but that doesn't mean they are not happy. So they should be able to get on with their life un disturbed. Celebration at times is forced upon people.....

@ Roey .... Thanks for the were spot on.

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