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Originally Posted by bujhee kom
I hope Bisshwajit died quickly and I hope and pray that his suffering wasn't long. I have nothing to say to his parents, I have no word of consolation, I am speachless.

I hope and pray that those who murdered Bisshwajit, suffers as long as they live and they experience a much much worse death and pain in their lives. I wish the same suffering upon all those shameless scumbags who support, defend and protect these terrorists! I denounce the Awami League government and the PM for not doing NOTHING about this. I denounce all those that come here in BC and again and again shamelessly defend these acts of violence and cruelty upon humanity.

Jamaat is an illegitimate political party that harbors and breeds terrorists, BNP breeds and supports terrorists and Awami League harbors and protects and breeds terrorism! I am so ashamed to come to BC and see that people even here still take side and turn their blind eyes due to their allegiance and only condemn something only when things go against them. These people make me sick.
I used to think you were a comedian but that was probably the best post I have read on this forum. to you Sir. And I wholeheartedly agree with you, I pity the fools who are followers of one party and seem to think all the crimes are only done by the opposition. Let's face it, AL and BNP are both parties of scumbags.
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