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Two very good observations al-Sagar. Its a problem with us not just in T20's but also in ODI's. I reason why i admired Steve Tikolo was his mindset. Our guys will leave a few, block a few, or simply slog to get their eye in and be familiar with the conditions. Steve Tikolo in comparison used to plug the gaps from ball, get singles and get set. In T20's dot balls are taboo. Our guys just dont seem concerned by this. Their approach is very much boundary oriented. Not only they dont take enough singles, they cant convert 1's to 2's, and 2's to 3's. I dont know whether its laziness, lack of fitness, or they are too nervy to test the fielders.

The second problem with relation to full tosses. If you think about it the problem is shot selection. Except Tamim all other 10 batsmen are bottom handed players who can only hit over deep mid wicket. Thats their six or boundary zone. Unless you have the strength of Zia or Mashrafee its difficult to clear that part everytime, particularly from full tosses. This is where our guys need to expand their zones. Instead of targeting deep mid wicket, why not hit it over the bowlers head like what Tamim realized later on. What not paddle or flick it through fine leg. You cannot look to hit it the same place everytime, you become predictable as a batsman. Look at Samuel's sixes, he hit it everywhere. Rubel didnt know where to bowl.
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