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This heartbreaking atrocity isn't anything out of the ordinary in our city during Hartal season. We don't have equal treatment under the law in this country to begin with. At least not when it comes to exercising our civil and political rights as citizens regardless of social and economic station. Many people honestly believe themselves to be above the law. At best they believe that it is OK to violate the law to restore law and order as long as it's for some "greater good". Others don't even bother with any kind of rationale.

Law enforcement by the proper agencies, ALL of whom are corrupt to the core, is highly selective and opportunistic in Bangladesh. They are used as mercenaries of the political party in power, whichever party that may be, and are quite comfortable with that role. I have personally witnessed a group of policemen actually wait for ruling party thugs and terrorists to join them as the far more effective auxiliary force before moving against opposition party thugs and terrorists terrorizing ordinary people just a couple of Dhaka City blocks away.

There are good cops and RAB operatives but they are deliberately marginalized by the greater criminal interests of the agencies themselves. We don't have many like Shaeed Colonel Gulzaruddin Ahmed, may GOD rest his great soul in peace, who would pursue justice for its own sake. That is the tragic reality. Expecting that police or RAB to fairly enforce the criminal code and bring these thugs and terrorists hiding behind political protection and rationale to justice is folly.

Only aggressive and sustained media coverage can create some sort of public opinion driven pressure on the authorities to act in a limited way with political consent from above. That usually never goes beyond a simple eyewash designed for the media to lose interest.

Civil and human rights organizations led by true believers like Barrister Sara Hossain and others continue to fight for justice in this country despite seemingly insurmountable odds and are creating the foundation for a better future in a more just society for our grandchildren. They fight on even after the mainstream media loses interest. Anybody in the media, including the popular blogosphere in the country, genuinely interested in justice needs to work closely with such heroines and heroes, and keep the stories alive until justice is served, no matter how long it takes. Behind the scenes advocacy doesn't work unless there's sustained pressure from the outraged public seeking justice.
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