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Originally Posted by MyRoom
So who do you suggest these 4 players should've replaced in your team? Actually the scorecard says one thing unless you don't know what dominating means. The fact is you struggled against minnows and should be ashamed of yourself. You have Zimbabwe coming up so don't embarrass yourself against them as well otherwise you can forget about your goals your team has set in the longer formats. Your're just making excuses and must say they're pathetic i.e. Rampaul for Roach both are in fact good bowlers. I think you were the same person that said had Roach been playing in the test matches, Bangladesh would've got thrashed or something or some West Indian fan said that I remember. Next time beat minnows properly and comfortably in all games.
Again what on earth are you talking about? unlike bangla WE HAVE A TOP CLASS SQUAD, so we didn't need all the big guns to beat you in your own backyard so easily!! , furthermore i don't think we've got anything to be "embarrassed" about, we swept the test series and won the t20, the ODI's is a work in progress but despite not playing well through that series we still came very close to winning it, which doesn't bode well for the tigers when you go to Sri-lanka next!!!.. GOOD LUCK!! .
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