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Originally Posted by Sohel
^"Faith is the bird that feels the light and sings when the dawn is still dark." - Tagore, may GOD rest his great soul in peace.

I choose to keep the faith and do the best I can. I believe things will get a little better for our children, and then our grandchildren and so on InshAllah as long as we know in our hearts that we must do better.

I grew up in a Bangladesh far worse than it is today for most of our people. Islamist and military genocide, widespread poverty, illiteracy and mass starvation in a bottomless basket economy, BAKSAL/Zia/Ershad's criminal betrayal of the Spirit of 1971, alleged war criminals becoming ministers and party leaders, and most importantly, even less opportunity for our majority to pursue their dreams and take better care of their families.

Things may suck now, but they're not nearly as brutal as they were for most of our people back then.

Sohel Bhaia barring 1971 i dont know if the situation was this bad since i haven't seen baksal/zia/ershad..i was going office today in bus and as i crossed kawranbazar there were gathering of picketers, one guy threw a stone at a lagoon and the fornt glass broke..thank god my bus passed that place in a hurry, i am sure some guys in the lagoon got injured, there is no i mean NO security going to office during this strikes, and now a days picketers are so violent they dont care what happens because they know nothing will happen to least in bakshal/zia/ershaad era didn't have this i think...please correct me if i am wrong
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