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Default Let's play a game about Movies

Let's play a game about movies. The game's idea and the first movie's description is collected. I already used the next two at BC chat. So, those present there may have an advantage. Anyway, this is how it goes.

Describe a famous movie as vaguely as possible, but has to be accurate as well. You answer, then you ask the next question.

3 Things: Famous movie, accurate description, vague description. Making the description funny is a bonus.

1) A guy has his family murdered and son kidnapped. A mentally handicapped lady helps him find his son.
2) Some guys take a battery out of a computer, the computer gets mad and tries to kill them.
3) Aliens win over human at the end because some human helped the aliens.
4) Some kid who is a genius figures out many things, but can only remember one phone number on TV.
5) This girl keeps the jewelry a guy gave her, but runs away from him. Then throw it in water anyway.
6) A mosquito bites an animal and cause several human death.
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