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Originally Posted by WindieFan
Again what on earth are you talking about? unlike bangla WE HAVE A TOP CLASS SQUAD, so we didn't need all the big guns to beat you in your own backyard so easily!! , furthermore i don't think we've got anything to be "embarrassed" about, we swept the test series and won the t20, the ODI's is a work in progress but despite not playing well through that series we still came very close to winning it, which doesn't bode well for the tigers when you go to Sri-lanka next!!!.. GOOD LUCK!! .
haha...don't lie I think its "what are you talking about?" you're giving excuses to cover up your embarrassing performances against a 'minnow' and your excuses like I've said earlier is pathetic i.e. this player didn't play, wasn't our best team blah blah blah the fact is that West Indies didn't beat minnows by an innings, lost the ODI series to minnows and one of them by a record margin 160 runs against minnows. Still having a hard time to see? Gayle who by many said that he will score a triple 100 , double 100 and many more 100s but guess what? he failed in all those matches against minnows but even if I agree with you for the sake of argument that you didn't have your best players though you did, we didn't have our best player in the ODIs or T20 but still gave a run for your money so not bad for a minnow team. Its clear though that your mind is already telling you that Bangladesh Cricket is getting better so yeah good luck on being number 1 in ODIs after all its what you have been aiming for before the start of that series but first beat teams like Bangladesh (failed) all the time and Zimbabwe then get complacent good luck
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