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Originally Posted by BrianLara7
Jamaat are scum but you sound like one of those delusional AL loving "patriots". Where is our beloved Sheikh Hasina speaking out against this and actually punishing these scumbags when we have proof of their crimes? The police is helpless and corrupt in Bangladesh and that's because no police officer has the authority to act in big issues without Apa's approval. Go around the country and talk to people who have lost many of their loved ones due to the rich and powerful, and I dare you if you can find even 10 percent of the guilty have been punished. There is law in this country but that's only if you are not a millionaire or don't have connections with politicians.. and if you are close to Apa then you can consider the countrymen as your servant. Joy Al and BNP, taking turns to rape this country for over 20 years.
Thanks for your patriotic post. First, I should admit my sarcasm over that line abt Jamat Shibir. Why?.. Simple, as lot of here just love to blindly flow with the news stories and criticisms; where as a very few actually living here in BC community inside BD who are handling these problems everyday. Just check out how the actual locals are suffering for these hartals i.e. instance Night_Wolf's reply. IMO this is just to color out AL atm where common ppl are just got victimize everyday thru such criminals anyway, here these criminals we are talking abt are nothing to do with AL as they were officially (not sure in reality though) sacked from party in 2009.
I'm no blind brother. I'm a beleiver and never to admit the country is doomed; BD got her own laws & constitution. Since this time arround media did a very good job pointing out the criminals and managed enough attention to ask justice neutrally. I wish these murderers gets caught asap. But all these are IMO political gameplay by oposition party to coverup their own wrong doings in recent times in these ongoing hartals, police bashing, public property damaging and supporting releasing war criminals- I take concerns like these with more importance than some day to day criminal acts with which we are already habituated. Not sure from where you get that data of 10%, Anyway since its a hindu blood is spilled, IMO AL should consider this specific case with more care.

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