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Originally Posted by Navo
The thing is, even if someone fleet of foot like Nasir was sent up the order it would have failed as his running partner, Tamim, would not have been able to keep up and/or would have continued to refuse doubles and triples. (This in turn would put off Nasir who would probably get out trying to force a boundary)

I think sending Mushfiq and then Zia would have been good to continue with the momentum. Riyad has been in form but the ODI series required innings of a completely different pace than what was required in the T20i.

If we would have been able to crack a hundred within the first 10 overs - very much on after 43/0 after 3 overs - it would have eased the pressure on Nasir/Riyad/Mominul to score the remaining 97 later on, even if there was a collapse of wickets.
If you agree it's Tamim who is at fault here in keeping up with his partner then how does it make a difference if Mushy went in instead of Riyadh. If anything Mushy takes more singles and twos.

If we want to mitigate the running between the wicket issue, then a stroke maker such as Nasir would have been the perfect foil since he plays shots from the very get go. He could've gotten out playing shots, but at least if he didn't it would've worked to keep the RRR down.

Zia is not a good option; that type of hitters are better to come more so in the 15th over when RRR is 15 or so. Zia has not bat through out the whole series and asking him to come that early on would have definitely confuse him and would've made him not play his natural game.
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