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Originally Posted by betaar
If you agree it's Tamim who is at fault here in keeping up with his partner then how does it make a difference if Mushy went in instead of Riyadh. If anything Mushy takes more singles and twos.

If we want to mitigate the running between the wicket issue, then a stroke maker such as Nasir would have been the perfect foil since he plays shots from the very get go. He could've gotten out playing shots, but at least if he didn't it would've worked to keep the RRR down.

Zia is not a good option; that type of hitters are better to come more so in the 15th over when RRR is 15 or so. Zia has not bat through out the whole series and asking him to come that early on would have definitely confuse him and would've made him not play his natural game.
Nasir can be a stroke maker but I find that he relishes rotating the strike rapidly and looks uncomfortable not doing so. He's also had trouble batting up the order recently. Mushy, as someone who has had success in playing the Windies attack in the ODI series recently and as someone who has demonstrated his hitting prowess in T20s, might have been a better foil for Tamim at that particular moment.

But we're dwelling on 'what ifs...' Either Nasir or Mushy could have done well...I only mention Zia as I think his slogging might have helped continue the momentum generated at the time.
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