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Originally Posted by Tigers_eye
Before the series had you asked me that you would lose Shakib to a girl for ODIs and T20 and would win the series and compete in T20, I'd say you are crazy.

Hats of to the BD team. The selectors gets a big cheer for going outside the box. So is the Team management. We played with one pacer (fast, medium, slow pacers) and I think this is the first time ever for us. I am not sure in the world as well.

I am tickled to death to know we won a SERIES without Shakib. That says we have turned a corner.

There are problems. Those will get sorted out inn course of time. I so wished Mushi would have given up gloves to Anam today. Samuels Innings wasn't suppose to be there. Riyad is a quick learner. He would next time go after bowlers after creating the platform instead of waiting for his fifty.
Agree 100% ... Except the highlight...

We have seen it repeatedly throughout his career, that's Riyad and you just have to take him the way he is and find out when and how to use his capability. Put him high up in Test Matches, Send him in 4/5 in ODIs and Drop him from T20... That's the solution, instead of expecting a player can change his mind at this stage...then Many of our players could in last 10 years. Some things are inherent and can't be changed. Better not to expect impossibles.
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