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Originally Posted by Rubu
First Part: He knows computer and all other subjects better than the place he works as a tea boy, he figures out the exact moment the phone lines opens and several other things that was he is extremely sharp.
I still disagree. The whole crux of the film has to do with FATE and DESTINY. He really is a simpleton boy from slums. I think the word "Genius" will be loaded in this context.

Second part: remember bauba gump shrimp? And the part where he is invested in some 'fruit' company named 'Apple'? He is shown to make millions from each of the sources.
No I don't remember the part. I watched it twice too. Boy dude, do you take notes or something while watching films? Company named APPLE? For Christ's sakes.

Originally Posted by Zunaid
Next time, watch movies sober.
Sobriety is fo boring people. Heck the word "bores" is anagram of "sober".

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