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Default So what?

Originally Posted by simon
Oh my god
why people so judgemental these days?

Tamim is a chain smoker
Tamim is a bhuri wala
Tamim is ohonkari
and the latest is
Tamim is a spoiled kid

So what's next?
Tamim is a drug dealer?
Tamim is a drug addict?
Tamim is a eve teaser?

sheesh man.
Tamim IS a chain smoker.
Tamim IS a bhuri wala.
Tamim IS ohonkari.
Tamim IS a spoiled kid.

So what? Tamim Iqbal Khan IS our most destructive batsmen, and is a pretty darn good one at that!

As long as his game and arrogance does not spill into his professional life and personal life, it's all good.

He does not have an ego problem. Our favorite #1 all rounder does. Tamim has a huge pride (like that of a lion). You can bruise him, but he will jump back and jump back big like a true fighter !

He is just fine. He'll do better as he gets older hopefully !
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