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Originally Posted by Tiger444
So going by those stats, you would pick Jadeja? Why ignore how bad he's been in international cricket so far but take in Ranji stats? Why not give Rahane a go who hasn't gotten a clear chance yet? Or Rohit who should have gotten a chance already. Or Tiwary. Well so far as a bowler he's done well but I have my doubts he'll perform with the bat.

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So according to your reasoning, we should ignore a player who has performed tremendously well off late (both with the bat and ball) in the domestic just because he didn't live up to the standards and expectations in other formats? Hmm, how to make 2 triple centuries in a space of 5 matches, get looked past? I think we should ask you.

And not to mention, he was a direct replacement for Yuvraj to fill in the AR spot. The other players you mentioned - Rahane, Rohit & Tiwary are not AR's, though Rohit & Tiwary can be given 3/4 overs in a session.
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