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Default Bangladesh Pace Academy

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I want to find the next generation of undiscovered, talented fast bowlers. But I need your help.

Having worked with both Dale Steyn and Shoaib Akhtar, I have been fortunate in my International career. Now I seek a brand-new group of pace men to develop into the stars of the future.

MCI (Mavericks Cricket Institute) has set up a fund to make this happen. We want to offer the same world-class coaching for FREE to players specially selected to embark on this most exciting of journeys.

The idea is to scout the players and help them make it to the top.

If like me, you have a passion for cricket and would like to see your own country's players become a fast bowling force, then make a donation - however small - by clicking the DONATE button here

I want this to be a "People's Academy" and the money from each country will go back into making that country's players, better. So you CAN at last make a real difference. This will mean that specifically with Bangladesh, I can visit and work with talented players.

To read more about MCI please visit and check out what we do and have done already.

Meantime, thank you for your contribution. It is well spent.

Best Wishes

Ian Pont

PS. The full page is here:
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