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Originally Posted by BANFAN
Again I disagree ....Reasons are same as before... Only time a National Team player should play in A team, is when he is off form. If he can make a few good scores against a weaker opponents, that might help to boost his confidence to get back his form... Amongst the new comers, it should be only Mominul, who can play in A team, since he didn't look comfortable here and might help him to boost his confidence.... A guy hitting century in debut doesn't need any confidence to bring from A's damaging..

Just repeating a few things.... i dont think Nasir has improved anything by that. He is doing what he was doing without that. He wasn't damaged probably because he has a strong mind....instead if that slot was given to someone upcoming, he would be better prepared. After facing the test level international bowlers, you have nothing much to learn against A teams....unless the player is severely struggling in the national team... It's a waste of a slot sending a player, who has already shown his ability at the highest level.....
For some reason, I forgot that we'll be playing 2 tours before this 1. Let's wait and see how they do. If they establish themselves as regulars in the national team, then I'd say no to them being in the A team, if they don't, however, then I want them in the tour.

By the way, just because Anamul hit a century, doesn't mean he's out of the clear just yet. He struggled just as much as Mominul in my opinion despite putting up better stats. Again, let's wait and see if they can astablish themselves 1st in the national team by then.
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