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The full page is HERE: and the donation link at the bottom works so please use that.

This is a World Pace Academy and each nation would have the opportunity to have it's share of coaching. That will DIRECTLY relate to the amounts donated from each country. As this is a BD forum, the academy relates directly to BD Pacers.


1. When you make a donation, you will get the option of sending a message to us. It is here that you should say which country you want to donate to. We will also collate your address (as PayPal is secure) so we will know which country you are in case you forget.

2. Each donation goes to the fund for that country's pace academy, unless you specify.

3. I plan to fly to out and coach dependent upon just how much has been raised. For example, the costs of coaching will be offset by donations so that all the funds go DIRECTLY to making the coaching happen

4. The more is raised, the bigger the project. We are not 'building' an academy but using the funds to coach at existing facilities. The secret is not wasting money on property and land but channeling it into world class coaching.

5. If we wait for the BCB to do this we will all be waiting forever. The idea is to have a "People's Academy" nothing to do with the BCB, so that it can independently run to provide quality coaching and not waste it on a scheme that doesnt work.

6. Sponsors can be involved in this if they wish. My experience is they often only want what suits them and not the students

7. Clearly a collaboration has to be sought between MCI and the BCB to invite players for trial. We will also invite those who have had few opportunities before to be coached. part of what we want to do is educate coaches, too

8. It is better and cheaper for me to be in Bangladesh, than for players to be flown to me in the UK. However, a scheme can be set up to bring players here if the funds allow it

Guys I don't have all the answers, but what I can do is coach people and develop pace bowlers. That isn't happening at the moment. If you wish to do something, or believe there is something you wish to help with please visit
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