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Post "What IF?"- BC Conspiracy theory thread (2012 Year End Special)

  • What if BK wasn't crazy and actually filthy rich secretly buying Tehsin's share of BC stock and we have all been under a veil of illusion?
  • What if iDumb is gay?
  • What if FaTeMA actually LOOKS LIKE THAT regardless of Avatar makeup?
  • What if Crisis is Chris Hansenn's handle?
  • What if Zunaid can't stand me? :P
  • What if Ajfar actually flushed his test seeing how BADLY he did?
  • What if Dilscoop IS Sri Lankan and the fixation for his jersey stems from curry stained white tee?
  • What if reverse_swing is an AI?
  • What if Roey Haque's videos on Youtube received an upvote NOT from fake accounts?
  • What if Sagar wants to eat Navo alive baiting him to a fjord in Oslo after putting roofie in his lemonade in Vienna?
  • What if Nocturnal is a spelling bee champ?
  • What if Sohel tag teamed with Rifat against Beamer tag teamed with Kabir?
  • What if...ATMR IS BCAuntie?
  • What if maysun is expecting a ...meye...soon?
  • What if Kanta....doesn....t.....exist?
I missed out many. Too bad if you are not famous.

Happy Holidays!
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