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Originally Posted by Navo
^ Your mobile bill is just 10 quid?? Wow, I thought I had a good deal with Orange at 15 quid/month.

Also, you mentioned lunch. What about breakfast, dinner etc.?
Yes, Virgin are doing an awesome deal now. £10pm gives you 1200 mins, 5000 txts, 1GB net and 30 day rolling contract. Oh, and don't forget QUIDCO!

Breakfast and dinner costs are included in my weekend shopping. Obviously weekend shopping spend is an average figure. If I buy rice on a weekend, £10 will be gone just on rice!
I am single, so no roopchorcha expenses like Kabir other than facewash. And, I don't drive even though I have a license as bus stops are within every 10 mins. walk and trains take 5 mins. between stops and cover almost every inch of London!
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