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Originally Posted by layperson
As an example: me and kabir live in the same city. Our costs of living are very different. I dont spend anywhere near $1000 for gorcery in a month !!!infact I cant even think what he buys with that much money. I probably spend $250 a month on grocery !!
True, cost of living can be very, very different between individuals. It's not a myth that I would spend close to $1000 in grocery. We try to cook with the purest, freshest ingredients. We almost never use canned food and all the ingredients go fresh in our food. We also host guests frequently. We love seafood and spend a considerable amount of money there.

There's always junk food at my place - but they're things like pop chips and other healthier options that don't come cheap.

We've been eating like this since earlier this year and our grocery cost has grown up from 500 to around 1000 now. In between, we were eating organic only, which may have put the cost past 1000. But lately we've gone back to eating non-organic and focusing on semi-organic (antibiotic free) meat.

Like Orphy, I prefer to not eat out a whole lot. I realized how much I hated it when I traveled this Sept for business and was eating out for a week. My company doesn't cheap out on meals - so I was eating in good restaurants - but I simply hated it. The quality of food at my place is better than any of those upscale restaurants I've been to in the last one year.
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