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Originally Posted by iDumb
brian stop talking bullshit.... u have answered urself... u lived by urself and u probably lived in a closet in gun firing neighborhoods. Go raise a family and talk. Less than 1k a month, gtfo. You did not live "comfortably".

Lliving like a millionaire would be renting in manhattan. Go look up craigslist and the rent there. I bet it's more than ur monthly salary. it certainly is mine.

Show me the break down of your expense.

Here is the current rentals in queens like u said for SHARING rooms......
lol, calm down man. You seem royally pissed about how expensive NYC is.. well how about moving out of the city or moving to a different state? I heard the redneck states down south are cheap as hell. New york might be expensive but you have enough opportunities to make money as well (sell drugs, join a gang, become a politician etc)
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