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Originally Posted by BrianLara7
lol, so discluding Zimbabwe and Bangladesh from tests means I am biased? Well ofcourse I am, it's my fault that Sachin averages lot less than Kallis when these two "test" teams are taken out.
Nope that's not the point. All i said was if you want to have a debate then frame the question in a way so that there is room for a debate. If you wanted to have a debate then why not simply ask who is the better Batsman Kallis or Tendulkar?
You didn't do that because you want to hear a particular answer. If we had the opportunity to pick a great all rounder vs a great batsman obviously we would pick a great all rounder because of his usefulness with the ball. Secondly confining it to test match only suggests you aren't sure whether you would be able to defend Kallis the ODI or T-20 batsman against Sachin in the shorter form. So as i said before you didn't have a genuine intention to have an honest debate in the first place and you are as biased as you accuse me of being.
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