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Originally Posted by al Furqaan
To be honest, out of all those player testimonials the only one that is "academic" is McGrath's. He gives actual reasons for his pick. Everyone else is picking based on sentiment, some of them aren't even true like Ponting saying that Tendulkar can win a match against anyone where the evidence points that he has choked against almost everyone. He's scored a boat load of runs and looked prettier than Alessandro Ambrosio while doing it, but often the context of losing the match or being a dead innings performance are overlooked by the media that BL bhai is talking about. Think of India's greatest win (Kolkata 2001) or when India needed him to fire most WC Finals 03 and 07 and then realize that Tendy didn't even play a role in any of those, just to name a few.

I haven't analyzed Kallis or Lara, but I would be super shocked to see if they were as irrelevant to their teams success as SRT has been.
Whether you or I agree with what they are saying is irrelevant. Most of those players are great players and have had long international careers to know and understand what they are saying. Sentimental or not their opinion matters more than our opinion because they have played the game at the highest level with Tendulkar and it is safe to assume that they understand the game better than fans as well. Perhaps they are not as good in customizing stats-guru searches but I trust what they have to say about the game more regardless.
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