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Originally Posted by roman
No offense to anyone and I really mean it. but I think this whole kone dekha system is very cheap. It's like going to a gorur haat and hand pick the best possible cow out there. And if you don't like what you see, you move on to the next one or you keep one in hand and continue exploring the market expecting something better will show up..No respect for woman there. Do we even try to understand what goes on in a girl's mind when she finds out that she has been rejected because the groom got someone better.?

Chok Chok korlei kintu shona hoy na shob shomoy
I agree this whole kone dekha system is crap. There should be Muslims only marriage clubs .. there is one in Manchester where on certain days of the week in a restaurant, you pay the entrance fee and then mingle around with people , there are no seats so everyone stands and mingles. There's buffet food. Girls are also there with their elder bro or dad or mom.
Unless you have managed to get a gf when in secondary school, college or uni, you are royally screwed!
You also need to have friends who like to matchmake.

The bit you said about how the girl feels when she's been rejected, well.... the guy keeps on meeting a lot of girls. At the same time, the girl also keeps on meeting a lot of guys. As long as you don't propose, I don't see the problem. But if you do propose and then back off, you need to be shot.
Both girls and guys draw up a ranking and then there's points allocation based on talent, looks, education, etc. And, then you decide among the top 3.
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