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Originally Posted by sahasan
Thank you every one those who comment about shakib wedding .Good or bad . I thought u have every right to say your view . And i believe you guys really loves him thats why everybody said their feelings . As a close relative of Sakib I appreciate your concern .We know that Sakib did not invite his all team mates but you guys may not know that this is arrange by girls family then why u blame sakib . This was totally family program.You can ask me why Tamim is their ? Tamim and Sakib have family relation.They lived in same building and tamim mother and sakib mother always have a good relation . I think tamim went their not as a friend , but as a family member . And for your information both Sakib and Shishir loves each other ,so how many words , picture you posting that does not matter to them . And i know that when Sakib returns to the field he will perform better .
That was a good post sahasan but could you please give us some kind of proof that you are really a close relative of Shakib? Would really appreciate that.
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