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The right to bear arms is so outdated and irrelevant in modern USA society. This is just an excerpt

The National Rifle Association (NRA) and its horde of gun nuts continually crow that it's not guns that kill people but people who kill people.

Sorry, it's not a genius thought, because in truth, what people do is pull the triggers, the bullets are the actual killers. If the idea is that people are responsible and not their weapons responsible, why not put bazookas and rocket launchers and hand grenades in the hands of people to make it possible to wipe out whole buildings of people at one time? -- all of it for the sake of an obsolete and currently stupid inclusion in the Constitution of a "right to bear arms" -- a right that no longer makes any sense except to people who make money selling guns.

We outlaw the sale of many poisons because they can be used to easily kill people, but the most insidious killing devices of all, guns and bullets, are available everywhere because in the 18th century there were backwoods people killing animals for food, and because a so-called armed local militia was thought then to be a deterrent against government tyranny.
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