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Originally Posted by betaar
just made my first small contribution. Can you confirm it was received or is that not possible? Once the project is up and running I would be willing to make more........

Few more questions come to mind.

- What is the minimum $$ amount you need to go ahead with the project and what happens to the donations if you do not collect enough?

- Are you planning on running this camp during your BPL stint or different visit all together? If Dhaka Gladiators don't object and you have time, it may be financially viable to run it during your visit in Dhaka so you can save on travel and accommodation and use that fund solely for the campaign.

I will let you know if I come up with more question. Thanks and good luck with your initiative.
Yes... your donation is confirmed. And so many thanks

We are holding the appropriate funds for each country (not spending it on anything else) and will only be activating when we reach around £4,000-5,000. Up until then, no money is spent.

If we NEVER collect enough to activate the start of an initial coaching camp, we will use the donations for coaching equipments, video clips, coaching products etc and give to an academy already in existence in that country

If I come out to the BPL (and I have not had any contact with franchises at this time) I could tag on an extended time if we have enough money collected. But it would need to be fast for arrangements to be made before January 17th.

My aim is to make a difference - however small - but hopefully a large impact.
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