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Originally Posted by al Furqaan
Navo its not about the telegraph being an Indian agent. Its about something being repeated so that everyone believes it...the telegraph really does believe that Tendy is some demi-god.

5 innings (and you could probably add another 10 or 15 more) are hardly amazing in a career spanning 300+ innings. I'm sure batsman like Laxman and Ponting, perhaps even Dravid could easily match that. But they don't get the attention because they didn't start when they were 16, don't have the eye-catching stroke play, and don't have the cult status.
Tendulkar's cult following and the fact that he is a money machine (for websites, newspapers, bcci, news channels etc) doesn't hurt either. Every single Indian commentator (and plenty foreign ones) rarely utter a single word against him while they would jump on the failures of Ponting/ Kallis and trumphet Tendulkar.
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