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Originally Posted by BengaliPagol
People who questioned 'why Shakib didnt invite the whole BD team (or at least the senior players' have to be a bit thoughtful in their posts. Its not all upto Shakib who he should or should not invite. Its a family decision. And if 25 people were at the wedding and your expecting the whole team to be there then that would be at least another 11 people there. Those 25 people are meant to be close with the family.

I think whoever brought it up was being thoughtless. Just because he didnt invite the BD team to his wedding doesnt mean he has no integrity... stupid to even bring this up
They think just because you play in the same team you have to be friends with everyone in the squad (15/ 20 people)... Shakib is not some politician who will invite all team mates/ selectors just to be politically correct. That's why he only invited his best friend (Tamim). BD media is always looking for faults in others.
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