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Originally Posted by BrianLara7
lol, seems like we also got some bhagwan bhakts over here too. Saying Sachin is better than Kallis in tests is one thing (however wrong it is) but trying to "prove" Sachin is not Chokedulkar is just LOL. Even Indians fans (knowledgeable) ones don't rate him as a match winner ahead of Dravid/ Laxman.
To both Al_furqaan and BrianLara7, I felt compelled to comment as I felt people were being unduly harsh in their criticism. I never said that he was necessarily better in a tough spot that Laxman or Dravid. (Coincidentally my first post in this thread indicated that I would choose Laxman over both Kallis and Tendulkar if the match was against Australia.)

I, in fact, made no comparison with anyone. I merely stated that there is substantial evidence indicating that Tendulkar, at his best, was not a choker. (Whether he should continue to play now that he is past his best is another matter entirely.) The evidence that I have provided above is just from Tests and as we all know his impact on ODIs for India in the '90s and the early 2000s is even greater - which altogether influences other players' impressions of him. (Who was the first to get to 200 again?) There's a reason why other international players rate him so highly, even more than his colleagues Laxman, Dravid, Ganguly & co. and its not just his bushel of runs and attractive stroke play. The Telegraph is also certainly not a paper that tends to praise players easily or effusively (as we have come to discover through Scyld Berry's articles) We have to consider all of this when reflecting on a player's achievements and failures - not just cold stats.

And BrianLara7, since when is "Indian (knowledgeable) fan opinion" considered concrete, non-refutable evidence? If we go by their opinion that he isn't a match winner, then surely we also must also abide by the popular opinion in many parts that Jacques Kallis is a 'selfish' batsman who merely seeks to inflate his stats and 'never really dominated the game' (Ian Chappell)? I think these allegations are preposterous.

I think both are great batsmen and would try my best to fit them both in my All Time XI. I also actually agree with your assessment that overall, he'd be considered a better cricketer than Tendulkar - but that still doesn't diminish Tendulkar's accomplishments as a batsman or the fact that he has bailed out India in the past, in all forms of the game.
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