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Originally Posted by Jadukor
this is a very old argument actually... remember Tendulkar and Ganguly carried a pretty crappy team on their shoulders for a decade. Fifties from Tendulkar were not enough..he basically needed to seal the game off himself. There were many matches where both of them took matches close only to see the rest of the batting collapse under pressure which is a bit like what happens to Shakib these days. He fought many lone battles which went in vain because the team couldn't back up the performance. Kallis on the other hand never had to carry the team. He had good players surrounding him both with the bat and ball throughout his career.
Originally Posted by zsayeed
Kallis won the match for SA 23/158 times, and Tendulkar 14/194 times. For series, 9 and 5 respectively.;view=awards
your logic may explain the number of MoMs as well perhaps. MoMs probably go to winning team 90% of the time. Perhaps. but no it doesn't explain.

but upon a rethink, of kallis's team's 76 wins Kaliis was MoM 23 times, while tendulkar 14/66. therefore, it does not explain.
thats 30% for kallis vs 20% for tendulkar.

Kallis was kicking for his team's wins.
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