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Originally Posted by zsayeed
your logic may explain the number of MoMs as well perhaps. MoMs probably go to winning team 90% of the time. Perhaps. but no it doesn't explain.

but upon a rethink, of kallis's team's 76 wins Kaliis was MoM 23 times, while tendulkar 14/66. therefore, it does not explain.
thats 30% for kallis vs 20% for tendulkar.

Kallis was kicking for his team's wins.
Kallis had bowlers like steyn, donald and pollock in his team and won more. India on the other hand didn't had the bowlers of this caliber. Its a team game after all. I don't think Kallis would have won these games with an bowling attack comprising of agarkar, Prasad etc.

I agree with everyone on Kallis is a better overall cricketer, but when it comes to batting I would rate him just slighlty behind Sachin or Ponting or Lara. These guys has scored more against better bowling attacks. India used to be just like 1 man team in the 90's. Everyone knew that if you get Sachin out, India will/can fold out cheaply. But this was not the case with Kallis. So you can imagine the pressure that Sachin had carried every form of the game.

People can have their opinion but It doesn't look good when you try to bash one great player in order to prove that other is better.
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