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Originally Posted by Sohel
He has a couple of brothers in the National Pipeline who idolize and play just like him. So we may be blessed see his type of classy batting even without him over the next decade and a half. They'll have kids and grandkids and our privilege would be extended over generations. Too bad I won't be alive to witness them all grown up to set the world of international cricket alight.

Chick that, I'll probably witness Lildol Nazzino debut at 16 in a decade max. Simply too much talent in that gene pool.
I have played with one of Shahriar Nafees's brothers. His youngest brother that is. He is an okay batsman but his spin bowling is really worth watching. He loops the ball up and makes the ball turn quite a lot. Played with him in Old DOHS field. He was in our team and did significantly for us to win the match.
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